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Your Solution to Hassle-free EV Charging Services

As a property owner committed to sustainability, you installed EV chargers on your property to drive green mobility in Singapore. But soon, what was meant to be an easy way to advocate for Singapore’s climate action goals became more complicated. 

Every time your chargers break down, you receive dozens of angry phone calls from customers and residents who are unable to charge their vehicles. Day to day, you’re managing added workloads of invoicing, customer service, and ensuring the chargers are running smoothly. 

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. With the right EV charging service provider, you can do your part for Mother Earth with none of the fuss. Here’s how Watt provides an all-inclusive service to make managing EV charging as easy as A, B, C!

Automatic queue and reservation systems 

Keep your customers and residents happy with a mobile app comprising automated queuing and reservation systems, to ensure everyone gets their turn fair and square. 

EV drivers can book their charging slots in advance and avoid the anxiety of not knowing when they will get their next charge. If they forget to make a reservation, they can simply join the queue and the app will automatically notify them when a charger becomes available. Once their vehicle is fully powered up, drivers will also receive a notification urging them to move their vehicles. 

With these functions, EV charging providers no longer need to worry about disgruntled customers and residents who find it difficult to get a charging slot. 

Furthermore, Watt’s charging solutions come with a 24 hour customer service chat and hotline to handle customer queries for you – anytime and anywhere. We manage your customers’ accounts, charging needs, and handle any complaints so you don’t have to. 

Billing, invoicing, reporting

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and administrative drudgery with Watt! 

We handle everything for you, from income and electrical usage reporting, to the billing of customers and compliance documentation. 

Our integrated payment gateways give customers a convenient way to make payment. Since payments are processed directly through our mobile app, you can take a completely hands-off approach to money matters, while still reaping the rewards.

With our profit sharing scheme, you can earn up to S$XXX per charger annually, with none of the hassle! Simply sit back, and watch your investment pay for itself. 

Furthermore, Watt also provides comprehensive income, electrical usage, and user activity reports. These can better inform your EV charging plans moving forward, and help you optimise your EV charging services. For instance, if our reports reveal that your chargers are constantly fully booked, it may be time to invest in an additional one! 

Charger maintenance

Running out of charge is a common anxiety faced by EV drivers in Singapore, especially since Singapore is still in the midst of ramping up its EV infrastructure. This is why ensuring your EV chargers are functioning properly is so important. 

The last thing you would want is to be caught in a situation where an EV charger is malfunctioning, but you’re unable to bring in a maintenance team as it’s past working hours or the weekends. 

With Watt, you never have to worry about that. We believe that prevention is better than cure. This is why we have regular maintenance services to ensure your chargers are working optimally, all the time. To maximise the uptime of our chargers, we also leverage innovative tech like AI, which helps to predict possible faults or issues before they occur. 

In the rare event that the chargers do fail, fret not! Our technical response team is available 24/7 at your beck and call. Alongside our 24-hour customer service team, we ensure that your chargers are running smoothly and your customers stay happy, all the time. 

EV Charging as easy as ABC

The Watt360 solution is a one-stop EV management solution that makes EV charging services seamless and instinctive for property owners and EV drivers alike. Choose from a selection of plans to suit your every need, whether you have a low budget or are looking for an all-in-one bespoke solution. 

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