Refund and Returns Policy

December 28, 2023 2023-12-28 16:38

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Services:

Our refund and returns policy lasts 30 days.
If 30 days have passed since your transaction date, we can’t offer you any refunds.

  1. Reservation and Cancellation Period for Charging Sessions: Customers are encouraged to make reservations for EV charging sessions in advance. The cancellation window for charging sessions extends up to 60 mins before the scheduled time, allowing users the flexibility to adjust their plans. It is essential to plan and cancel well within this period to avoid any cancellation fees.
  2. Reservation Deposits: Customers will be required to place a reservation deposit upon successful reservation of the EV Charging Station.
  3. Cancellation Fees: In the event of cancellations within the 24-hour period preceding the scheduled charging time, No cancellation fee will be applied. Else the Reservation Deposit will be forfeited.
  4. Refund Process: The refund process is designed to be efficient and customer-friendly. Refunds for eligible cancellations will be promptly processed, with funds returned to the original payment method used during the reservation. Customers can expect their refunds within seven to ten business days from the cancellation date.
  5. No-Show Policy: To ensure fairness and optimize charging station availability, customers who fail to arrive for their reserved charging session without prior cancellation will incur a no-show fee, amount is set by the CPO of the total charging cost.
  6. Exceptions: Recognizing that unforeseen circumstances may arise, our management retains the discretion to waive cancellation fees or provide refunds in exceptional cases, such as system malfunctions or extenuating circumstances. Customers must contact customer support within 48 hours of the scheduled charging time to be considered for exceptions.
  7. Communication of Cancellation: For a cancellation to be valid, customers are required to communicate through official customer support channels. This ensures proper documentation and a seamless process. A confirmation email or cancellation confirmation number is essential for record-keeping.
  8. Rescheduling Option: In situations where plans change, customers have the option to request a rescheduling of their charging session. This service is provided without incurring cancellation fees, subject to availability and advance notice.

Please thoroughly review and acknowledge this comprehensive Cancellation and Refund Policy before confirming your reservation. By proceeding with a reservation, you implicitly agree to abide by the terms outlined herein.

For any inquiries, cancellations, or rescheduling requests, please reach out to our dedicated customer support at Support@watt.sg.